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Wedding Styles – Dress Barn

When it comes to what to wear to a friend or relatives wedding, I make sure to visit Dress Barn for the best deals on some great styles. Basically my strategy here for finding great wedding looks is to go to their special occasion section where they have a huge number of dresses. What I like though is that the photos also show shoes and jewelry that you can match up with the dresses. Unfortunately they don’t allow you to actually buy these items right there (are you listening dressbarn, give us some complete looks to purchas!) but they are good enough for some inspiration. What I really love most of all though is that they have some dresses that are dirt cheap! I don’t know about you guys, but we had 7 weddings to go to last summer and I had to buy a different dress for each. Dress Barn really saved me here.

I wore the dress pictured here to the last fall wedding I went to and I was really happy with how it fit and how I looked in it. For less than $30 (and free shipping!) how could you go wrong though? I typically only wear a wedding dress once and it sits in my closet forever, so thank you dress barn for these cheap dress styles.

 December 4th, 2015  
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Workout Clothing Styles – Fabletics

Most girls I know want to look good all the time, even when they’re working out & sweating it up at the gym. I am no exception… Thankfully finding stylish and comfortable workout clothes has gotten much easier over the past few years as a number of great online workout clothing sites have popped up. Last spring I happened to come across some videos on YouTube from Fabletics which is a newer brand co-founded by Kate Hudson and the women’s shoes company JustFab. Fabletics actually curates full outfits and sells them to their members at a deep discount, so I thought it was a win-win… They curate the complete look and you save! The initial sign up deal for Fabletics was awesome as I could get a full outfit for I think $49.95 at the time. I stuck around and have since purchased a few outfits.

My latest purchase which I just had to share with you is pictured here. The shirt and leggings are both super comfortable and look amazing. The leggings in particular are some of the most comfortable and great looking leggings I have ever tried on. I don’t have the greatest butt, but these really do make my butt look good if I do say so myself! I liked these so much I also bought another pair of camo leggings to go with it (don’t laugh or sleep on camo, they look awesome!) and will likely grab some more colors in the future.

Definitely check out Fabletics though if you are looking for some unique and fashionable workout clothes as they have a ton of great stuff for decent prices.

 November 3rd, 2015  
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Beachwear Styles – Swell

I found out about Swell through their Facebook page and am I ever glad that I did… They are now my go-to site for swimwear and beach accessories. What I like most about Swell though is that they don’t just have a big huge catalog of clothing and swimwear that you can browse through. They also have different looks or “Silhouettes” that they feature which give you a complete head to toe look. In most of my posts you’ll find that I really like to shop this way… Rather than having to pick out different clothing items that go together, I like to see complete looks before I purchase. This is one of the main reasons why I love Swell and I have bought a number of their looks over the last few months.

The last purchase I made from Swell is pictured here. It’s an absolutely gorgeous wrap bikini top. I love that there are a couple of different ways that I can wear it and the fabric is really soft and comfortable. Every time I wear this to the beach it turns heads!

So if you are looking for swimwear, surf gear or even general clothes and fashion items, definitely check out Swell.

 October 2nd, 2015  
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